Illustrator, Digital Media Specialist

Hi everyone! Well, as you can see by the multiple times it's displayed throughout the website, my name is Alistair Murphy. I've been working in the illustration field and digital media space for a good 20 years. 


Lets start at the beginning. I attended Sheridan college specializing in illustration. My first job was as a project manager at Funbag Studios, the show I managed was called "Waynehead" from there I worked as a background painter, layout artist and project manager on many of the shows that passed through. From there I went on to a small company called Dynomight animation studios working as a layout artist on the show "Rupert the bear". It was at this point I started looking for more than just drawing stuff, so I took the plunge into digital compositing and 3D modeling.  I then moved on to PiP animation and became a lead digital compositor and 3D artist. This lasted for many years. Eventually I hooked up with one of the old Funbag guys by the name of Jerry Popowich who was running MercuryFilmWorks and so I hopped over there for a few years again as a compositor and 3D artist.


I decided after working in 3D that I wanted to try my hand at video games. So I spent a few years at Fuel Industries as a project lead and artist. Working on Mobile games with Fuel Denver. I have been creating game doc's and 3d assets for mobile games for about 6 years now and it's a blast. The game engine I'm most comfortable with is unity 3D but I still play around with the Unreal engine from time to time. 

So when I say Digital Media I mean digital compositing, 3D asset creation and animation, Advertising motion graphics and 1 page illustrations with a splash of game design and prototyping for good measure.


I am also a practiced Product owner in the world of Agile management. I am very comfortable leading a scrum and being on the side of the user...(actually that kind of sounds like a line from Tron)...

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